Water crisis: Stone spout conservation a wayout

Kathmandu, May 2:

Newly elected Nepali Congress member of Constituent Assembly from Kathmandu-8 Nabindra

Raj Joshi today visited different stone spouts located within the constituency and appealed to the people to conserve the traditional sources of water so as to deter the water crisis, which is plaguing the Valley folks at present.

Nearly 23 water spouts are located in Wards No 13, 15, 19, 20, 23, 24, 25 and Sitapaila VDC which fall under the constituency. Among them, only 12 are currently functional and the rest 11 are of no use. Joshi today visited 12 spouts located in Wards

No 19, 20 and 23 and interacted with the locals regarding the water situation in their localities.

Out of the 12 spouts he visited, six were non-functional, two had very little water discharge and four were functioning well. According to the NGO Forum for Urban Water and Sanitation, the four functional spouts discharge around 32,728 litres of water everyday during the dry season.

Referring to the role traditional sources of water can play in meeting the city’s water needs, Joshi stressed on the need for conserving the functional spouts and restore the ones that have dried up.

He asked the locals to form users committees for each of the spouts, tap the water and use it optimally. He also asked the locals to work towards restoring the water sources that feed the spouts, which can be very effective alternative to meet their water demand during scarcity.

Joshi said he would visit other stone spouts in the area soon and observe their condition and extend maximum possible help to conserve them.