Water woes go unabated

Tika R Pradhan

Kathmandu, June 20:

Raj Bhai Syangtan, a driver of a drinking water tanker, has not slept well for the past two months as his duty hours have been doubled. Thanks to the long spell of summer he has to work almost all day in a bid to meet his customer’s demand for drinking water. “Neither have we slept nor have we eaten well for the past two months,” said Syangtan. He says officials at his office often do not pick the phone to avoid harassment from the public as there was no way to meet their rising demand. The rules of economics do not apply for drinking water.

The water suppliers have nearly doubled the charge from the previous Rs 1,000 per tank.

“We only provide service to our regular customers,” Rai said. Laxmi Shrestha has been buying bottled drinking water for the past few weeks after she could not get water from any of the drinking water suppliers.