Weather balloon flown from Kirtipur

KATHMANDU: The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in association with Central Department of Hydrology and Meteorology at Tribhuvan University flew a radiosonde balloon from Kirtipur to collect weather information.

Nepal had flown radiosonde balloons for the first time in 1978, but the weather balloon station in Kirtipur was shut the same year. According to the DoHM, the balloon released at 8:30am.

The government had recently imported weather balloons, sensors, receivers and hydrogen gas generator, among other things, from Germany. The DoHM said it would fly such balloons every morning from Kirtipur. The balloons are expected to provide accurate weather forecasting data.  While almost all countries in the world have applied High Performance Computer Modeling System that gives weather forecasts that are up to 100 per cent accurate, Nepal had been relying on just 24-hour short-range forecasting system that at best gives 75 per cent accuracy.

According to the DoHM, its Kirtipur-based station would produce hydrogen from water to fuel the flights of balloons.

The radiosonde is attached to a hydrogen-filled balloon and the balloon lifts the radiosonde to altitudes exceeding 115,000 feet. Meanwhile, the DoHM has appealed to all to return the burst balloons if they come across them.