What’s broken?

Kathmandu, March 24:

Jana Prabhat Marga, a way to Tahachal, is in a bad shape for more than a year, forcing the locals to live in a dusty and muddy environment in dry and wet seasons respectively.

Sanu Maya Tamang, a student from Jana Prabhat School, complained that there were too many potholes on the road. She said the road becomes slippery during the wet season. She accused that government authorities of not being serious about the problem and demanded timely maintenance of the road as the wet season was at the doorstep. “The road is narrow and is full of potholes. To add to it, deteriorating condition of speed-breakers make the road prone to accidents” said Sarad Pradhan, a taxi driver.

Rudra Pandey, a shopkeeper, complained that it is becoming hard for them to breathe in dry season as dust blows heavily and that he had to clean his shop for more than two times a day. He said secretary of Ward No 13 of KMC has failed to give proper attention to the road, which is nearby the ward office.