KATHMANDU: Work has begun on the raft foundation of Dharahara which collapsed due to the earthquake on April 25, 2015. Shyam Chandra Shrestha, Project Manager at GIETC-Raman JV -- that received Dharahara's reconstruction contract -- confirmed that construction works have begun on the raft foundation. Shrestha informed that construction was progressing as per the work procedure and that the rebuilding would move ahead smoothly with support from the local community.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA), Sushil Gyawali, apprised about the latest progress in reconstruction of the historical monument. He said, he found the progress on Dharahara reconstruction satisfactory during his onsite inspection. He added that the reconstruction works were being carried out in coordination with the local community and that they would benefit the most when the reconstruction is complete. Raft foundation is a thick concrete slab resting on a large area of soil reinforced with steel, supporting columns or walls.