World Bank denies report

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, December 31

The World Bank (WB) today stated that it had never mentioned Kathmandu as the dirtiest city as reported by a news agency.

"The media reference to a World Bank "report" — which lists Kathmandu at the top of the dirtiest Asian cities — as the source of information is not correct," states a letter written to Kathmandu Mayor Keshav Sthapit yesterday.

A news story by the Associated Press from Manila last week stated that Kathmandu is the dirtiest Asian city, quoting a World Bank report.

"We share your dismay as the international media misreported what the presenters told," the letter said, adding "we sympathise with your concern, regret any harm that may have been caused as a result of the inaccurate report, and hope that this letter helps to clarify the situation."