Youngsters ‘get lost’ in Phulchowki

Kathmandu, December 26

A special search and rescue team of police gave a new lease of life to 11 youngsters, who ‘got lost’ in the forested area of Phulchowki, Lalitpur yesterday night.

However, they could not save the life of Shriyans Khatri (20) of Bishalnagar, Kathmandu. He died after he allegedly fell off a cliff. A special search and rescue team led by Superintendent of Police Sushil Kumar Yadav at the Metropolitan Police Range, Lalitpur was deployed to the forested area after the parents of 12 youngsters, including four girls, sought the help of the law enforcement agency to find whereabouts of their children.

According to the MPR, 11 persons were rescued safe and sound at around 11:30 pm.

“There were 12 young boys and girls when they set out for Phulchowki through Godavari for an outing. They got lost and missed the route back home or safe area. We managed to rescue only 11 of them,” said the Metropolitan Police Range, adding that Shriyans reportedly died after falling off a cliff in the dead of night.

Those rescued by police are Ankit Sharma (20) of Bouddha, Samyam Thapa (20) of Kathmandu-7, Gorakh Shetty (16) of Kalanki, Nischal Malla (17) of Dharmasthali, Sujana Amkai (17) of Kathmandu-16, Pravina Rai (17) of Dholahiti, Lalitpur, Rashmira Tamang (16) of Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Utsav Rai (16) of Dholahiti, Lalitpur, PS Goyal (20) of Maharajgunj, Abhishek Basnet (17) of Nagarjun and Anusha Kayastha (17) of Dhapakhel, Lalitpur.

Police have arrested four of them, including Ankit, for further investigation and to find if there was any foul play behind the death of Shriyans, while others were given to the custody of their guardians on the condition of appearing before the police for interrogation when required, said officials.