Zoonosis awareness drive

Thimi, March 10:

Students of Himalayan College of Agriculture Sciences and Technology (HICAST) today launched zoonosis awareness programme with a view to raise awareness about the disease in the Kathmandu valley.

Zoonosis is a group of diseases that are transferred from animals to human beings and vice versa. The main diseases under zoonosis are rabies, hepatitis, bird-flu, scabbies, plague, yellow fever, salmonellosis, pasturellosis, tuberculosis etc.

Speaking at press conference organised by HICAST, Rajen Dhakal, program coordinator said, “Our survey revealed that children who are much closer to their pets are unaware about zoonosis.”

“Some 50 students from HICAST would be mobilised in different places like Sanothimi, Koteshwor, Baneshwor, Kalanki, Chhakrapath and its surrounding areas to educate people about zoonosis,” Dhakal further informed.