Coinciding with the occasion of Father's Day, Nepalaya a book publication house launched Aalaka Atreya Chudal's 'Ninada Vallari' dedicated to her father, late Vishnu Raj Atreya, a prolific Sanskrit scholar himself.

The book which is written in prosodies or Chhanda is the first book published under Nepa-laya Kavita, an exclusive imprint series promoting various genres of Nepali poetry.

Speaking about the book, the author says, "Ever since I lost my father, I've realized a new dimension to mourning--It is impossible to express the full extent of grief though words alone," adding prosody with its performative dimension was particularly therapeutic experience for me.

Prior to publishing this book, the author has already published various books in German, English and Nepali languages, who is a professor of South Asian Studies at Vienna University in Austria.

According to Nepalaya, the book is priced at Rs 165 for Nepali market and will also be available in all the leading bookstores in the country. The ebook and audiobook can also be purchased from thuprai.com and is available worldwide on amazon.com, informed Nepalaya.