Basantapur is the heart of Kathmandu city. It carries a lot of cultural and historical significance for the people of Nepal. Known for its rich culture and arts, Basantapur is the hub for tourists and visitors. Prarthana Dixit takes you on a stroll around this mystical part of the city.

Visit Basantapur Durbar Square

Basantapur Durbar Square is the heart and soul of Basantapur. It is one of the three Durbar Squares situated in the Kathmandu valley. Enlisted as a UNESCO cultural heritage site, this durbar square has attracted a lot of tourists from across the globe. There are various temples and monuments inside the Durbar Square such as Taleju Temple, (which is only open during Nawami of Vijaya Dashain) the bell, Hanuman Dhoka, Kumari Chowk.

Explore in leisure

Basantapur is a city of alleys. It is almost like a maze, one that you will struggle to get out of. While you’re there you can spend the day roaming around, discovering new alleyways. Hopefully you will find your way out and with that learn a lot of things about this beautiful city.

Delight your taste buds

There are plenty of restaurants in Basantapur. From cafes to continental restaurants, this city will not disappoint you when it comes to food or places to dine at. If you want to go on a date with someone or hang out with your friends then head to Himalayan Java, one of the best places to grab coffee at. You can also try Durbar Square Café and Jessy Penny. If you want a taste of Newari cuisine then try out Bhoe Chhen Newari Restaurant and Bar. Street food is also very popular and easily available in Basantapur.

Treasure a tattoo

If you are a tattoo enthusiast then you must explore the tattoo parlours in the area. One of the city’s most reputed tattoo parlour, Tik’e Jhya is in Basantapur itself. Besides that there are other tattoo studios like Kathmandu Tattoo Inn, Freak Street Tattoo and Swastik Tattoo Studios that has garnered plenty of public attention.

Shop with pleasure

There are plenty of street stalls in Basantapur. Since Basantapur is rich in culture and history, you could buy souvenirs and handicrafts that reflect the cultural diversity of Nepal. You can also shop for pashminas, thangka paintings and accessories.