Beyond Nepal’s natural beauty

KATHMANDU: Earthy Mustang caves, beautiful close-up and aerial views of Patan Durbar Square and Kathmandu Durbar Square, serene Swayambhunath, ultra light aircrafts flying with breathtaking snow-capped mountains on the backdrop, picturesque terrace farming, expressive portraits — Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) in the Exhibition Road is adorned with natural beauty of Nepal. There are 77 such photographs, which depict natural and cultural heritage of the country aesthetically.

Captured by senior photographer Min Ratna Bajracharya, the photographs dated from 1985 to present are on display from March 3. The exhibition aims to promote tourism in Nepal through photographs as a part of #photoNepal campaign.

From Mustang to Swayambhunath in different times and angles, Nepal comes alive in its natural beauty and cultural heritage shots. But it is not limited and goes beyond.

In one of the photographs, Bajracharya has captured a cityscape in which he has seized lightning in his frame. The lightning line covers one-third of the picture which also has a beautifully lit cityscape — it is a dramatic and rare view. The photographer has played with the effects of light and shadow in this photograph, he believes this is what photography is.

He expressed, “Photography is similar to human life. Effects of light and shadow give a new life to photographs, similar drama is found in human life due to various aspects.”

Flooding of Malekhu in 1996 has also made it to the exhibition. Bajracharya has pictured locals helping people to cross the river after the Malekhu bridge was swept away.

Meanwhile, legendary singer Narayan Gopal and a Tharu family in Bardiya are his other representations of Nepal. On the other hand, images of Dalai Lama and American politician Hillary Clinton are on display too.

Bajracharya is “inspired by the moods of people and nature of the surrounding”. Children swinging in linge ping (swing made of bamboo) and beautiful landscapes like terrace farming among others are the outcome of his inspirations.

His inspiring photographs are unique and stunning — they reflect Bajracharya’s patience and dedication to capture those moments giving soul to the pictures. The exhibition is the second edition of the campaign started by NTB to promote tourism in Nepal.

The exhibition is on till March 6.