Butterfly’s beautiful life

KATHMANDU: Even from a butterfly one can learn many things about life, be it philosophical aspect or physical. A butterfly becomes ‘the butterfly’ only after crossing different stages of its life — an egg transforms into a caterpillar and then it becomes a pupa, a state when it is absolutely still. Then miraculously it transforms into a butterfly that can fly spreading its colourful angelic wings.

Indian Photographer Ajay Jadeja has captured this adult stage of butterfly and the images are on display in

the photo exhibition ‘Beauty of Butterfly’ that started on December 24 at Nepal Art Council, Babermahal.

The ground floor of the gallery is decorated with photographs of colourful butterflies where Jadeja has shot butterflies’ natural habitat. The photographs are colourful, vibrant and they have the power to make anyone happy who visits the exhibition.

Through the exhibition Jadeja has tried to focus everyone’s attention in conservation of nature and beauty of nature.

In one of the photographs, a butterfly in light blue and white colour is sitting on a branch of a plant. The colour combination of that butterfly is unique and attractive. There is another photograph where he has captured an orange butterfly with black patterns spreading its wings, beside which is a small white and yellow flower.

All the photographs have depicted the macro photography of butterfly and its living habitat.

The exhibition is on till December 28. — HNS