Dimensions of love

KATHMANDU: Sculpture, an art form with dimensions, allows you to view a piece of work from various directions. It also becomes easier to know the sculptor’s perspective about that work as you get to examine the sculpture from different angles. And looking at the sculptures on display in the exhibition ‘Mohini’, you get to understand artist Nabin Subedi’s point of view on love.

Subedi’s solo sculpture exhibition began on January 23 at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal.

One of the attractions of the exhibition is ‘Mohini’ — a sculpture of a young woman enjoying the rain. This piece of work — after which the exhibition has been named — is a reflection of a woman in love. Subedi has carved an image of a woman with closed eyes, face upwards and hands held up in a couple dance position. She seems to be imagining of dancing with her beloved in the rain.

According to Subedi, his sculptures are related to love — he has attempted to showcase physical love, imaginary love, memory of love and more. You can also see sculptures of nude male and female in various acrobatic positions, making love, kissing, et cetera.

Along with love, larger than life sculptures of famous Nepali personalities — singers Ram Krishna Dhakal, and Babu Bogati, along with actress Reecha Sharma among others — are also a part of the exhibition. For instance, Subedi has sculpted Dhakal’s full body figure where the singer is holding a microphone on his hand. You can examine this work from different angles — when you look at this sculpture from the front, you see him neatly dressed in shirt and pants, but they are torn at the back part of his body.

“I have tried to show the reality of Nepali stars — they seem to have a good life on the surface, but in reality are facing difficulties and are struggling,” the artist explained.

From bust to life size, a total of 18 sculptures reflect the sculptor’s devotion in creating such unique and beautiful works. Resin and fibre glass have been used to create the sculptures in copper and bronze colours. “These colours are durable and don’t fade quickly,” Subedi explained about colour choice.

The exhibition is on till February 1.