e2o Plus on the way


Agni Energy, authorised distributor of Mahindra Vehicles for Nepal, recently launched its latest all-electric car, e2o Sportz, in the Nepali market. After gaining popularity with the previous — two-door variant, they are now on the route to bringing Mahindra e2o Plus — the four-door variant by the end of


“The e2o Plus will be making its way into the Nepali market within the next six months,” revealed Pramod Bhandari, Senior Manager at Vehicle Sales Department of Agni Energy.

According to Bhandari, this segment of vehicle is targeted towards eco-conscious consumers. “We expect sales of over 100 units within the first year of its launch,” he said, adding further that their major customers will be working professionals like doctors, business persons and engineers. Bhandari revealed that the price of the four-door green vehicle will be above Rs 2.5 million.

Citing that high pollution level is a grave concern in the capital, Bhandari claimed that this vehicle should be among the most awaited cars in the country. “Apart from the usual benefits like zero emissions, low running costs, ease of driving and home charging, the e2o Plus flaunts  stylish exteriors, increased range and faster charging capabilities than the previous generation of the car,” he said.

With a slightly longer wheelbase and two extra doors at the rear, Mahindra e2o Plus comes as a more practical option for buyers. It is more spacious, and offers simpler ingress and egress to the rear seat passengers. The luggage area too gets a minor stretch.

The e2oPlus receives some cosmetic updates similar to the other Mahindra vehicles. The car gets revised front and rear bumpers, Scorpio-inspired front grille with chrome finishing around the sides, a different glasshouse, vertically stacked LED taillights, re-designed tail section and integrated rear spoiler.

The window line has been repositioned before the C-pillar. The e2o Plus is 310 mm longer, 61 mm wider and 25 mm taller than the two-door e2o. Its wheelbase has been increased by 300 mm that translates to a more spacious cabin (over 150-litres).

The new Mahindra electric car shares its interior design and features with the two-door e2o. While features such as smartphone connectivity with navigation, a/c and touch-screen infotainment system are borrowed from the previous one, the car gets a Blaupunkt infotainment system, keyless system and all four power windows.

Under the hood, the e2o Plus is made up of 210AH lithium-ion battery that produces a maximum power of 41 bhp at 3,500 rpm and 91Nm torque power at 2,500 rpm. The power figures, electric range and charging capability of the new four-door model are better than the two-door e2o.  Furthermore, it claims a driving range of 140 kilometres and a top speed of 85 Kmph. A full charge for the e2o Plus takes about nine hours which is the same as what the two-door e20 takes to power-up.