English version of Katawal's autobiography to be launched Saturday

KATHMANDU: The Publication Nepal~laya is releasing English edition of former Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal's autobiography this week.

The original Nepali version was published by the same publication in 2014.

In a press statement, the publication on Wednesday said the translation 'Rookmangud Katawal: My Life' would be officially released on Saturday April 2.

Katawal was the chief of Nepal Army during the tumultuous years of Nepal's transition from monarchy to republic.

"Climax of his life story evolves around his tenure when he refused to succumb to pressure from either the last monarch, Gyanendra Shah, or the first prime minister of the Republic of Nepal, Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal," the statement read, "In an intense showdown, Dahal attempted to remove Katawal from office, resulting, ironically, in Dahal's own downfall."

The book covers the story of truly historic proportions told from Katawal's unique perspective and with his characteristic insight, perception and candour, according to the publishers.

Likewise, the book covers Katawal’s life from a village boy in remote eastern Nepal, playing and growing in the hills of Okhaldhunga, his journey into Kathmandu, his career into the Army and reaching the top office.

“Outspoken and bold, the general’s life story is worth reading for more insight and understanding into the Nepalese Army and Nepal’s politics,” the statement quoted political scientist Lok Raj Baral as saying in a review.

“This is continuity to our effort to bring Nepali stories to the international readers” said Kiran Krishna Shrestha of Nepa~laya about the latest publication.

Likewise, Katawal said in the statement, “I am extremely happy to share my story with the English readership… I will be happy, if my life and experience can be useful to the young generation of the nation.”

During the launch on Saturday, journalist Kunda Dixit would interact with Katawal and Mikel Dunham, a researcher on Himalayan issues, according to the publishers.

The book will cost Rs 725.