Finding the missing link thru art


Art is a very personal thing for Saroj Bajracharya. His paintings reflect the same — his thought process, his memories and more. And the eminent artist’s latest painting exhibition 'The Missing Link' tries to reflect Bajracharya's achievement on gaining clarity of his "belongingness to earth".

He was introvert as a child and never had friends because he used to feel "I do not belong to this earth". Instead of playing with friends, he used to enthusiastically sketch, draw and paint, as a child.

In all his 10 new paintings, on display at the ground floor of the gallery, he has used soft tone of pink, blue, white, yellow and more as these colours helped the artist to concentrate where his thought process is not distracted by the tone of the colours used.

Meanwhile, the first floor of the gallery features installation work of an astronaut and few paintings painted since 1995 to 2009, signifying his journey as an artist till date.

The fifth solo exhibition of the Bajracharya, who has spend more than two decades of his life in art, is on till May 30.