For your home

Travel & Lifestyle talks to three experts who share their expertise on furnishing and decorating your space this festive season.

For the Living room

The living room should be a place where you feel totally at ease. President of Interior Designer’s Association of Nepal, Sanu Raja Shilpakar suggests some must buys for your living room:

Galio sofa

This contemporary Galio sofa combines style and comfort.

Where: SB Furniture

Price: Rs 48,000 to Rs 66,000

Discount: Seven per cent

Expert’s advice: As it’s a neutral coloured sofa, one can decorate it with all sorts of wonderful pillow combinations.

Where to place it:  In an open and spacious room.

L- shaped sofa

This modern leather upholstered sofa gives a luxurious touch to the living room.

Where: Index Furniture

Price: Rs 41,900 to Rs 289,900

Discount: 10 per cent to 20 per cent

Expert’s advice: “This piece is suitable for the corner.”

Where to place it: Near the bar where you can relax.

Tips to buy furniture for the living room

1.  Create a floor plan.

2.  Define your taste for the living room furniture.

For the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house where the family gathers for conversations and where food acts as the mediator. Bindra Pradhan, Managing Director at Keen Enterprises Pvt Ltd, picks two kitchen cabinets and tells you why they are the must buys.

Kitchen cabinet

This modern kitchen cabinet adds comfort and functionality to your kitchen.

Where: SB Furniture

Price: Kitchen cabinets price vary according to the style, space and the preference of the


Expert’s advice:  “I recommend this cabinet because it has appropriate distance between the cooking and the washing system creating more space. It’s exhaust system plays a vital role in a small kitchen area.”

Where to place it:  This kitchen cabinet is

applicable for small spaces where there is no

proper ventilation.

Kitchen counter

Cook smarter with cusio counter.

Where: Index Furniture

Price: Rs 28,900 to Rs 289, 900,

Discount: 20 per cent

Expert’s advice: “The pleasing colour combination and proper use of wall cabinets gives a minimal and smart look to the kitchen.”

Where to place it:  According to Vastu cabinets should be placed in the south-east corner. Cabinets can also be placed in an open airy corner of the kitchen.

Tips to buy furniture for Kitchen

1.  There must be an open space.

2.  Choose the right sized cabinets.

For the Bedroom

Bedroom is a special place where wonderful memories are created and cherished forever. The Creative Director at Rup Interiors Pvt Ltd, Ritesh Shrestha recommends the best picks this festive season.

Kleez bed

This neo classical piece gives a royal and modern feel to the room.

Where: SB Furniture

Price: Rs 118,800,

Discount: Seven per cent

Expert’s advice: “This bed is the revival of classical style furniture in a modern way.

A stylish bookshelf compliments the bed perfectly.”

Where to place it:  The bed must be in the centre of any wall or there must be clear space on both sides of wall.

Sheeshan wood bed

This bed is the amalgamation of warmth and style.

Where: Bira Furniture

Price: Rs 70,000 (Bed); Rs 98,000 (Wardrobe)

Expert’s advice: It’s a fine crafted low detailed bed with no frills wood.

Where to place it: In a spacious room with ample light. Choose antique and classical accessories like lamp posts, vases and other decorative items to accessorise.

Tips while buying furniture for the bedroom

1.  Focus on the design of the bed.

2.  Choose the right mattress.


•  Index Furniture Nepal Pvt Ltd,

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•  SB Furniture Ne pal, Contact: 01- 5004047

•  Bira Furniture, Contact: 01- 5522253