Fusion fun


Alfresco’s promotional menu will leave you absolutely astounded at the range and diversity of pizzas and pastas! You will not only relish Italian but also American, Arabic, Australian, Chinese, Danish, French, Mexican , Swedish and Thai toppings.

As executive chef Yubraj Pokharel and sous chef Rajeev Shrestha were heating the oven, we eagerly waited to try out flavours from different compass points. A lot was to be served on our plates and it started out with bread sticks with sundried tomato spread served with varieties of dip. The flavour of all the four dips; pesto, garlic, baba ganoush and tapenade went very well with the crunchy texture of the breadstick. The pesto dip has a fresh feel and the garlic dip possesses a strong zest. Whereas Baba Ganoush - the classic Mediterranean eggplant dip retains a smoky taste. On the other hand, if you like the astringent taste of olives then you should definitely try the bread sticks with tapenade.









Marco Polo would have been definitely amazed to see the variety of pastas. The menu did not stick strictly to the same old tomato or cream sauce pasta, and has a selection from various regions of Italy, Tuscany, Abruzzi, Sicily, Linguria, Beneto, Emila Romagna, Lombardy and Roma Lazio.

Spaghetti con il gamberetti from Veneto had a very fancy presentation and tasted equally good. The dry pasta had a fresh flavour combo of parsley, shrimp, sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese. The essence of the chilly flakes was very subtle. In addition, on the side tomato sauce was served for those who are not a big fan of dry pasta. However, if you want to savour it’s true taste, we suggest you to have it without the sauce.

The Lasagne de vendure genoese from Liguria was definitely a delight to the taste buds! The flat pasta sheets were layered with herb flavoured vegetables, minced tomato, and mozzarella and finished with béchamel. It has a very rich and oozy texture and subtle flavoured.

Ravioli di spinaci con le noci from Abruzzi is combined with spinach, ricotta and walnuts. The sun-dried cherry tomato dominates the flavour of this dish.

After relishing the pastas, we were ready to try pizzas. “Every country has their own pizza,” stated the executive chef as he displayed a menu of nine varieties. From Himalayan herb (Nepali) and Murgh Tikka Achari (Indian) to Stir fry Mongolian (Oriental) pizza all are available. “We want to combine all the flavours and cater to all kinds of palates.”

The Mayo jaga was an exotic Japanese pizza which combined corn, baby onion, pimentos, teriyaki potato, noori and miso marinated shitake, garnished with herbs, mayo and wasabi paste. It is a delightful combination of smoky, sweet and sour flavours. The teriyaki and the wasabi sauce gave it a preserved taste. Those trying it for the first time might find it a bit heavy on the flavours, but it is definitely a must try!

The Alfresco at Soaltee Crowne Plaza serves Italian fare at its best. The ambience is perfect, and

the food is out of the world. The festival at Alfresco is

on till August 7.

What: International Pizza and Pasta Delights, Tahachal

Where: Alfresco, Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu

Contact: 4273999