Girish Giri's 'Birgunj' out in Kathmandu

KATHMANDU: Journalist and documentary maker Girish Giri's debut book 'Birgunj:  Mero Saharko Katha (Birgunj: The Story of My City)' was launched at the Dabali of Nepal Academy on Friday.

The author's mother Shashi launched the book after he handed over the book to her. The moment was so appealing to audience that the creator of the author herself was launching his creation.

During the function, senior journalist Narayan Wagle had conversed with politician Surendra Prasad Chaudhary and author Giri regarding themes of the book.

"I have tried to connect my birthplace Birgunj with other parts of the country through my story," said Giri, adding, "Not only Madhes, but numerous stories based on the lifestyle of people living in Himalayas are yet to be told."

On the occasion, Giri had recalled some of his childhood memories and his stay in Birgunj during the recent Madhes agitation.

"I wanted to go to Birgunj during the Tarai unrest and know about the situation there. The book is a result of my two-month-long stay in Birgunj."

He also talked about his birthplace, the role of Birgunj and expectations from the place.

The book is like a collage of different characters and series of events in which the Madhes agitation has bound the story.

Guests at the function were welcomed with a popular food item of Tarai, 'litti', and tea in earthern cups that gave the feel of Birgunj in Kathmandu.

Many well-known faces from politics, media and literature among others were present in the event.