Ingenious designs

KATHMANDU: New faces and a whole lot of creative energy is what the Blenders Pride -TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2016 will be offering from March 30 to April 2 at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu. Their ingenious designs inspired by flowers, women and stars among others will be flaunted on the runway of the four-day event. Get to know more about the works of these aspiring designers.


Inspiration: Belle fleur, means beautiful flower. Our collection showcases beautiful floral looks. Flower and women have inspired us. We have compared women with a flower. Just like a flower which looks delicate but can bloom even in the hot sun and the heavy wind, women are not only beautiful but really strong minded.

Strength of your collection: We will use various floral printed fabrics and designs in our collection. We have different types of silhouettes with polychromatic colours.

Expectations from the Fashion Week: As this is our very first time in this prestigious show, we are quiet nervous. We hope everything goes well and as per our plans. We expect to get positive feedback on our first collection.

— Sarita Gurung, Min Kumari Waiba, Shrijana Gurung


Inspiration: Our inspiration is the sea of stars. At night the sea shines like the stars have fallen in water. Our concept is to show that effect in our dresses.

Strength of your collection: We have used knee length dresses, all are different from one another. However, the common thing in all the dresses is the use of stone embellishment as ornaments.

Expectations from the Fashion Week: This is our first experience at the Fashion Week. We are very nervous as it is the biggest fashion event and we will be showcasing our first collection in front of everyone. We don’t know what to expect other than something grand from this grand event.

— Ila Shakya, Urjana Shrestha, Geeta Deupala