Jazz up your car


To keep your four-wheeler top notch, today’s automotive market offers a wide variety of accessories to enhance the look and feel of your vehicle. Some are important to have on hand for roadside emergencies, and some are practical items that can make your life a tad easier. No matter how you want to pimp your ride, here are some trendy accessories that can make your vehicle safer, more efficient and more comfortable.

Personalise the seats

Seat covers can protect your seats from damages, UV rays, spills, childre, pets, entry/exit friction, food stains — a never-ending list of everyday activities that wear out seats.  You can even personalise your interior to suit your taste, its value and ensuring the longest service life possible. Seat covers can also increase comfort with added padding, and insulation from cold/heat. Covers are available in multiple colours, textures, and designs and are available in various materials like leather, fur, vinyl, et cetera. The prices range from Rs 5,000-Rs 30,000  per cover.

Add personal security

Dash Cam Pro is a personal security camera for your car. It is used as to automatically record both audio and video of everything that happens on your trip. These days the dash cams or dashboard cameras, are gaining popularity as a way to provide proof of what really happened especially during a collision with another driver. It costs around Rs 7,500.

Dust off the floor

It is important to keep your vehicle as clean as possible. And the best way to do it is the use of floor mats. It

protects your car floor from water, mud, dust and food stains. Today people mostly use waterproof floor mat which is made up of rubber and costs from Rs 1,200-Rs 5,000 per piece.

Enhance navigation

If you are planning for a road trip and want to make sure you do not get lost, then you would probably want a GPS with you to navigate the way to the destination easily. It also gives you better road awareness at night and in low visibility conditions. It will cost you around Rs 6,000.

Give new lights

Installing striking LED lights will give a new light effect to your car’s interior and exterior. LED lights are the go-to options for any premium car as they can be easily installed on any car model. They are priced from Rs 600-Rs 4,000.

Get the right grip

Make your car more comfortable to steer and drive. Steering wheel cover is the best and affordable option that helps enhance your grip. It also protects your car’s steering wheel — prevent damage and fading. It comes in different colour variants, the most preferred one is the light coloured ones.

Gear back with ease

Parking censor system is installed for safety. It is a device that detects objects behind your vehicle while you gear back. With its beeping alert, it warns the driver of the danger and prevents potential accidents. Its price ranges between Rs 4,000-Rs 15,000.

Keep boot safe

When it comes to concerns of safety, the rear view camera should not be missed. It allows the driver to be aware of children and small animals in their vicinity. It will also help avoid scratches, stop minor collisions, and prevent damage to the car boot. Its price ranges from Rs 4,000 -Rs 15,000.

Keep the mud off

While driving on the roads, your tyres are constantly mire in mud, stones, tar, water, metal pieces et cetera, and this can create unsightly rust that can damage the frame of your car — as such mud flaps can prevent this from happening. It also protects the area around the wheels and keeps your vehicle clean and clear of debris. The price ranges from Rs 400-Rs 2,000 per set.

Add stereo, add fun

Install a car stereo to make your journey more enjoyable and entertaining. With an H&B CD player, a Bluetooth connection, hands-free call, mobile receiver, mp3/mp4 compatibility with iPod, iPhone and iTouch, a car stereo will cost you anything from Rs 1,200-Rs 1,00,000 depending upon your pick.