Lal Babu Pandit releases his autobiography "Struggle to Change Singhadurbar"

KATHMANDU: Nepali politician Lal Babu Pandit has released his much awaited autobiography "Struggle to Change Singhadurbar" amid a special programme in Kathmandu, on Tuesday.

Pandit, is coordination with the Nepa-Laya published the much hyped autobiography which is set to hit the bookstores across the nation.

A CPN-UML leader rose to prominence after taking stance on passing the bill prohibiting the government employees holding permanent resident and diversity lottery visa of other nations while on services.

"The then General Administration Minister, who is usually not in the news became hugely popular among commoners and most talked about minister in the Cabinet at the time," Nepalaya said in the statement.

A humble politician, hailing from a minority community from the eastern region, caught the eye of many with his simple life style, his thoughts and appeal during the terai agitation made him even popular amidst the masses.

Lal Babu Pandit's book tells the story of a man, who used his uncompromising attitude and political career to change the very character of the power he possessed.

"I saw corruption and mal practices everywhere after i became minister and hence i thought the process of change needs to start from within. I have sincerely put forward the work carried out during my tenure as a minister," author Pandit shared. "I hope people who are committed to a positive change and nation building will read this book.

Saijan Maskey, CEO of Publication Nepalaya said politician like Lal Babu Pandit's life and struggle would be an inspiration to others who showed tremendous hope and aspiration amidst utter political chaos in the country.

Pandit had written the book, in association with journalist Mukesh Pokhrel, which is available in markets at Rs 325.