Leprosy patients complain of docs’ negligence

Pokhara, February 3

Leprosy patients, who are undergoing treatment in Pokhara-based Hariyokharka Hospital run by International Nepal Fellowship, have complained of doctors’ negligence in their treatment.

Currently, 24 leprosy patients are receiving treatment at the health facility. Statistics show that at least nine to 11 new leprosy patients visit the health facility every month. “Instead of proper care and treatment, doctors at the hospital treat us harshly and are negligent in our treatment,” said the patients.

The residential hospital used to provide necessary utensils to patients earlier. “Earlier, officials and health workers allowed us to watch television programmes, which helped alleviate our pain. Lately, we are not allowed to watch television. We are treated rudely by the nurses and others staff,” said a patient on condition of anonymity.  Moreover, patients are forced to clean their wounds and apply bandages themselves.

Yashoda Rajbandari, former chairperson of Association for Idea Nepal, an organisation working for welfare of leprosy patients, said leprosy patients were living in a miserable condition in the hospital. Rajbhandari, who served at the health facility as nursing officer for long, admitted that patients there did not receive proper care. “Patients do not muster up the courage to speak against the hospital administration for fear that they would be deprived of treatment,” she said.