Life after being under the knife in times of lockdown

Post-surgery care that is essential to ensure recovery without complications

KATHMANDU: The lockdown has posed to be an obstacle for people on their way to recover from various health complications other than COVID-19. Due to the lockdown, most of these individuals are unable to get the routine medical attention they require. This includes people who have recently undergone surgeries. And if it’s a major surgery that these individuals have gone through, then they can be more prone to being infected with COVID-19 since a major surgery “stresses the body and weakens the immune system,” informs Dr Pranil Rai, Senior Consultant at Nepal Mediciti Hospital, and General Secretary of Society of Surgeons of Nepal. / A person who has recently undergone surgery already faces complications like swelling around the wound area, infection, ache in the part of the body that has undergone the surgery, and formation of seroma, among others. However, keeping the threat of COVID-19 in mind, Dr Rai suggests that it’s in the patient’s best interest to talk and try to solve the issue with their doctors over the phone rather than visiting a hospital, unless it’s very severe.

“If complications are minor, they can be solved by prescribing medicines over the phone without a visit to the hospital. However, if the issues are grave, the patient needs to visit the hospital,” he stresses.

Furthermore, if a visit to the hospital is absolutely necessary, Dr Rai suggests avoiding hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients.

“The best course of action for patients who have recently undergone surgery is to maintain their physical hygiene, avoid crowded areas, eat healthy food, take enough rest, and consult their doctors in case of any complications,” is Dr Rai’s prescription for recovery. — HNS