Magnetic Mauritius

Shikha Bahety enjoys days full of sun, beaches, delicious food and a lot of fun and relaxation on her vacation at Mauritius

I was at the airport ahead of time all set for a ten day vacation to Mauritius. A list of adventure sports was ready from snorkeling to scuba diving, chilling on the beach to getting some writing done. All pumped up for the vacation, we were set for a seven hour flight.

On touch- down at the airport in Mauritius we were welcomed by clear skies, dotted with puffs of white clouds, and greenery all around. We were excited for the next day and decided the itinerary. The wait was over and after breakfast we went around the city. Mauritius is not a very developed city but the inhabitants are really sweet and welcoming of tourists’. We went to different points from Ganga Talao where the drive was fun, to Black River George National Park, where we saw Alexandria falls. It was time for Bentier Island, Bidhu Cap and the day ended with Le Morne Beach. Each place was beautiful and I loved all the shades of green I could see around.

We left for Belle Mare the next morning, which is towards the east of the island. The day was scheduled for water activities. We started with tube ride followed by parasailing. The water was virgin blue and the corals could be seen clearly. With the sparkling water all around, we were awestruck by the cleanliness at the beach .The sea urchins made a little harder for us to walk around the shore. We got ready for one of the exciting activities — underwater sea walk — we were asked to put oxygen helmet on our head and jelly shoes on our feet. We went as near as we could to the fishes and corals. We walked between corals, saw a variety of fish, and explored the rich sea life underwater. Next we took a speed boat to an island called Ila Aux Surfe to spend the rest of the day.

Every beach in Mauritius is a beauty. Each coastline is different and has its own charm. Next on our itinerary was Trou Aux Cerfs, also known as Murr’s Volcano, a dormant one with a well-defined cone and crater. Blue Bay was our next destination; the turquoise blue colour of the lagoon is one of the best marine park in Mauritius. We drove towards the park and enjoyed half an hour of Glass Bottom Boat trip. The colours of the sea were incredible. The view of the reef and large selection of corals made for a wonderful experience at the Marine Park. It was time for snorkeling, and the start to the crazy part of the day. We could see the colorful fauna and flora found at the park and it was absolutely stunning. The most spectacular white sandy beaches one will ever see are at Blue Bay. We ended our day by going to two more islands which were equally gorgeous.

The next day we went to Casela National Park. The place is beautifully maintained and has various activities that one could be a part of. There was quad biking, jungle safari, walk and interaction with lions, canyoning, segway and zip lining.

Finally, the day I was excitedly waiting for had arrived. It was the day to snorkel and I couldn’t wait! We reached the beach — the prettiest so far. The water was shining bright and the blue, clear water felt so good. After snorkeling for a while we were called for the training. We were briefed about the oxygen cylinder that we had to carry, and what should be done if our ear gets blocked or when water floods the swimming mask. Then, we were taken on a jet ride and as we were set with our belts and cylinders, we were asked to maintain a particular position. It was an unforgettable experience — observing colourful tropical fish, searching for rare fish species, exploring spectacular caves and underwater world. It was the most awesome feeling under water for thirty minutes straight.

We were heading towards Gabriel Island on a Catamaran ride. Perfect music and a sunny day, it was the perfect time for a sail. Although the surfs were high and the ride not smooth we enjoyed ourselves a lot. We sailed back through the crystal clear water of the lagoons; headed to the open sea with breathtaking scenery all around.

Mauritius is one of the prettiest places I have been and if you have not visited make sure you make your next vacation to this island. It surely is one of the paradises on earth.

The author is a Chartered Accountant and Client Servicing Executive at JWT Thompson Nepal, Founder Member of Greener KTM Drive, Wanderlust by heart and Blogger at Paradiso.