Make your own summer garden


You can decorate it with potted ferns and hydrangeas which adds life to the area life and soften the formal symmetry of the garden. Surround the base of the garden fountain with a ring of stones, choosing from pea gravel, cobblestones or larger river rocks or you can plant ornamental grasses around the fountain, if desired. Creativity is limitless. You can add your own personal style to decorate it.

Choosing plants and flowers

The list of flowers and plants is very long. However; for early summers flowers like Bleeding Hearts, Delphinium, Iris Magnifica, Oriental Poppy, Peony make for a beautiful combination. For midsummer you can choose Astilbes,

Bee Balm, Daylilies, Early-blooming white phlox, Hollyhock, Hollyhock Mallow, Regal Lily and Snakeroot. You need to be careful and should choose the flowers whose leaf does not fall like Ficus Benjamina and Camellia.

Placing flowers and plants

Place the small plants on the front side of the garden and the bigger at the back so that the tall plants does not overshadow the beauty of the garden. If some of the space of your garden receives more sunlight then sow Bluebeard Shrub as it is a treat in late summer also it is very easy to grow. Butterfly Bush, Carolina Allspice, Oleander are some of the plants which can endure extreme sunlight. If the area of your garden is shady then place Lily, Aquilegia, Foxglove, Bleeding Heart, Pulmonaria and Brunnera.

Laying lawn turf

The condition and type of the soil under the grass is the most important element while placing the lawn. You have to select the area, level the ground and remove big stones. After you place the lawn it will take

a few weeks for it to adjust and it is essential you do not let the turfs dry out, so watering them regularly is essential.


Garden looks more alluring after dark and lights add a dramatic and a tranquil effect. LED lights are durable and cost effective to run. When used in moderation, they work well to highlight pots and planters and give an elegant look.

Choose the theme

Whether a flower or a vegetable garden, the first and foremost task is to choose the theme. Remember, it is important to make the right choice, it can make or break the look you plan to acquire.

Making a waterfall fountain

Fountains make gardens look attractive and stylish. It is composed of three things: water, which flows up a pipe and trickles back down in a continuous cycle; a pump, which propels the water; and a piece of sculpture, over which the water flows. You also need waterproof basin, such as a plastic storage bin, mason’s mortar-mixing bucket or washtub to hold the pump and collect the water. Other elements that make fountain body are small rocks such as terra-cotta shards or tumbled glass to cover the top of the pit, a half inch ball valve to regulate the water flow, composite decking to support the fountain and drainage gravel.


You can make a platform in the middle of the garden where you can enjoy some alone time. To protect the lawn from overstepping, build a footpath using the slates or interlock bricks. You can also arrange a seating area by placing a chair and tables or even add a swing or a hammock for lazy summer evenings.

Getting to know Kumar better:

Kumar Kasaju Shrestha, is the Vice President of Floriculture Association Nepal (FAN) and owner of Kathmandu Nursery located at Chabahil. The nursery provides landscape planning and prepares designs and drawings of indoor as well as outdoor gardens.

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