Martyrs' families come down hard on Maoists

SINDHULIMADHI: Families of martyrs who lost their lives during the Maoist insurgency came down heavily upon Unified CPN-Maoist and its leaders for disrespecting the martyrs at an inaugural programme of first district conference of Martyrs' Families in Sidhulimadhi today. UCPN-Maoist secretary CP Gajurel was also present at the function.

Being critical towards the Maoist behaviour, Radhadevi, mother of martyr Jaya Dahal, who had come here to receive felicitation said, "We hid them in our houses saving from police and army but when we call them, their response is who are you?" Leaders forget people after they taste power, she commented.

She further said that though Maoists had pledged not to be apathetic like Nepali Congress and CPN-UML they were hardly any different.

Recalling the incident when his son Raj Kumar Majhi was shot dead at nearby Shaktighat jungle by security personnel after taking him from the house, Manbir Majhi said Maoists did nothing to the martyrs' families even when they headed the government.

Tilak Bahadur Pariyar, who lost his daughter Sarada in the conflict said, "During the conflict they would say that my daughter was great but today they show no concern toward us."