Mountain Biking to Macchegaon

Monsoons around the corner and the dusty streets of Kathmandu riddled with potholes will soon get muddied. Drainage will inevitably lead to reek. Meanwhile, your new mountain bike gathers dust in the garage and you’re ready to resign to siestas and soap operas. Not so soon! Gnarly MTB unveils biking trails in Macchegaon, Kathmandu’s western rim that not too many weekend aficionados may know about.

This monsoon, look past the traffic and concrete of the city. Lush green fields on the outskirts stretch endlessly and there’s a fresh, crisp air perfect for a bout of mountain biking. Endless trails crisscross paddy fields where farmers are occupied with plantation. Trails, though slippery, are nothing

short of fun that the child in you craves.

We managed the first dusty bit of ride from Balkhu till the notorious dating spot of Taudaha Lake, and took a narrow right turn before reaching Chalnakhel’s chautara. The ride here feels like another world altogether with the towering tip of Champadevi peeking above and marvellous views of the city afar as we climb higher to reach the serene Bosan village. Chobar and Kirtipur get dwarfed, and Taudaha shrinks. The green paddy fields look like they’ve been pulled

right from a fairytale, while the mountains in horizon glisten in

all their royalty.

We savour the peace and tranquillity at Bosan’s picnic spot, whence we take narrow trails by the edge of the village. Gorgeous views follow us throughout as we make our way to Macchegaon on pleasant, flow single tracks. The skyline of Macchegaon is dominated by towering smokestacks of brick kilns.  Life here seems to move at a slow and relaxed pace with no deadlines to meet or boss to appease. If calm and easy is not your thing, challenge yourself through slippery aalis that run through wide swaths of farms in this secluded village. Ride westward from Macchegaon to reach Kalanki’s main road and head home after a nice four hour countryside ride.

Calling all mountain bikers

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There are several departures every week, mostly in the mornings and evenings (on any day of the week). So join any that suit your timing and perfect those biking skills. Professional cyclists from Gnarly help you get the basics down with biking skills, mechanics and stamina in a fun-filled ride.