Nepalaya set to launch Kul Chandra Gautam's memoir

KATHMANDU: Nepalaya publication is all set to launch Kul Chandra Gautam's memoir 'Global Citizen from Gulmi--My journey from the hills of Nepal to the Halls of the United Nations', which chronicles the journey of a rural boy from Nepal's remote hills to the high office of the United Nations, on Tuesday.

The book unfolds Gautam's journey from a remote village in Nepal, lacking schools, roads and electricity, from a humble beginning to become Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations.

It shares the highs and the lows of an illustrious career spanning three decades.

In the preface of the book, President Bidya Devi Bhandari mentions, "Very few Nepalis have been able to make an impact on the world stage. The boy from Gulmi has truly become a world citizen and in his retirement, he has committed himself to the service of his society. His contribution under UNICEF has made the world a safer place for children and mothers, adding his experience can help Nepal make up for lost time in its efforts for economic growth and equality."

Gautam's former UNICEF colleague and mentor, Sir Richard Jolly has written the foreword for the book, "Kul's early life and teenage years are eye opener for those born in middle-class comfort in richer parts of the world," adding, "readers will enjoy Kul's insightful and amusing stories of his encounters with celebrities and world leaders."

The book contains candid anecdotes about Gautam's interactions with international personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi, Bill Gates, Eduard Shevardnadze and King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand as well as UNICEF's celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors. Gautam also shares his insightful views on the future of Nepal, the UN and global society as a whole.

Eminent Journalist Kunda Dixit says, "Kul Chandra Gautam's life is an inspirational story of how a boy from a remote village in Nepal went on to become the senior-most Nepali in the UN system."

Earlier, Gautam served as special adviser to the Prime Minister of Nepal on International Affairs and Peace Process.

Meanwhile, Gautam is active in Nepal Civil Society in promoting human rights, socio-economic development, democracy and good governance.

The publisher said, the paperback edition is priced at Rs 895 and the hardbound edition is available at Rs 1,395. Likewise, the book will also be released worldwide on Kindle and POD (print on demand) through