Nothing is sweeter than NEPAL

A warm-hearted man having more than three decades of experience in the tourism and hospitality sector, Philippe Belhay, General Manager of Hotel Yak and Yeti shares his love for Nepal with Travel & Lifestyle

Philippe Belhay had three options; to work as a General manager at The PuYu Hotel and Spa,Wuhan or The Concorde in Cairo, Egypt or Hotel Yak and Yeti and Lal Durbar Convention Centre, Nepal. Without hesitation he chose Nepal, and started his journey in May 2014.

In 1982 Belhay worked in the diplomatic quarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where he had over 4,500 employee from various countries and among them 1,300 employees from Nepal. “I had a great time and integrated with their culture, and wanted to live that culture, so for that very reason I came to Nepal,” says Belhay.

He recalls his journey in Nepal to be full of adventure, “When we had the earthquake in April/May this year, everything was in the doldrums, however, it was worth every pain and the hard work that I went through without having my family here with me, it was truly rewarding at the end . I have done it to ensure that I am contributing to both Hotel Yak and Yeti and the country in the tourism sector,” says Belhay with pride.

Q & A with Belhay

What are you currently involved in?

I am a senior GM who is fully committed and accountable for the smooth running of Hotel Yak and Yeti.

What is the most memorable moment for you at Hotel Yak and Yeti?

The excellent recognition by Alain Ducasse, a three Michelin star chef awarded to The Chimney, our fine dining restaurant for offering the best French cuisine in Nepal.

Getting to know Belhay better

Your favourite hangout in Kathmandu...

Vesper Restaurant is very relaxing place to be, and Le Sherpa is like my second home. Vesper has the most fascinating wine cellar, classy and value for money. They also have the best pizza in town!

Where do you shop here?

All shops in Durbar Marg as they are close to my hotel and have a good selection.

Your best purchase in Nepal so far...

The best pure organic honey in the world.

A dish that you love preparing...

Fois Gras, but it is not available in Nepal, so I go for a steamed salmon on a bed of lightly cooked spinach, served with mix vegetables, topped with boiled eggs and finished with yellow lentil sauce.

Favourite getaway destination in Nepal...

Without a second thought it’s Pokhara!

You never leave your home without...

My phone, money and business cards.

Belhay recommends five foods to try in Nepal

•    Chicken Momo     

•    Kukhura ko sekuwa

•    Aloo ko achar     

•    Machha tareko

•    Soup made up of musur ko daal

Belhay’s top 10 things to do in Nepal

•    Golf at Gokarna Forest Resort.

•    Drink champagne at Club Himalaya.

•    Dine and Wine at The Vesper Café & Restaurant.

•    Shop in Durbar Marg.

•    Smoke a cigar or hooka.

•    Taste true French cuisine at The Chimney Restaurant.

•    Enjoy delicious Russian specialities from Boris favourite dishes at Hotel Yak and Yeti.

•    Try salsa in the Crystal room.

•    Visit American Recreation Centre at Kantipath.

•    Enjoy a lazy brunch every Saturday.