People to watch

Every year we welcome the arrival of new promising individuals into the glamour world. This year will be no different. TGIF lists some promising faces who are ready to take the big plunge:

      Sabita Karki, Model

Sexy and savvy, Sabita Karki definitely stands out from the crowd. 2015 saw her bag many opportunities from being a brand ambassador of Fashion Bazaar to participating in numerous fashion shows. She hopes that 2016 will bring new opportunities for her and opens many doors to success. “Do not take the world’s opinion as the guiding star. Live the way you want, work unerringly and don’t let failure depress you or success tempt you,” says the beauty.













Samragyee Shah, Model/Actor

Samragyee Shah is in the news for her upcoming debut movie ‘Dreams’ which will hit theatres in early 2016. She has been seen in many billboards and has graced many fashion magazines. She believes that 2015 was a productive year for her and hopes that good fortune will stay by her side in the coming year too.







Najir Husen, Actor/ Theatre artist

2016 will be quite a busy year for

Najir Husen as his movies ‘Bir Bikram’ and ‘Jungey’ are set for release. He will also try his hands at theatre with ‘The Last Dance’ in February. He hopes that the New Year will give him the skills to manage both theatre and films well. 2015 was a great year for him as his performance in ‘Hostel Returns’ was much appreciated.






Sandhya KC, VJ/Model/Actor

She started her career as a VJ and has also featured in fashion magazines and music videos. The damsel Sandhya KC has her bucket list for 2016 filled with projects. She will soon be sharing the screen with actor Anmol KC in her debut movie ‘Dreams’. Her mother is her biggest inspiration, she says. For her, every day is a new day and she believes in living her life to the fullest.






Aakash Shrestha, Actor

He was seen walking the ramp at the TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2013 and there has been no looking back since then. The hunk will be seen in his upcoming debut movie ‘Ma Ta Timrai Hoon’. He shares that he has a lot on his plate in 2016 and hopes for a great start.







Alize Biannic, Artist Director/Model/Actor

2016 is going to be a big year for Alize Biannic as she will be presenting her first Broadway show in Nepal and abroad. She will be seen in her new movie ‘A ballet in Kathmandu’ in 2016. 2015 was a busy year for her with various projects among which her movie ‘Kasto’ was well received. She believes, “Imagination is more important than knowledge for an artist.”






Kenipa Singh, Theatre artist

2015 taught her that a good career is always related to good health so this year she will be focusing on her health. Her New Year resolution is to be focused on her career but not at the expense of her health. She believes that she needs to learn to say ‘No’ to projects she is not interested in.