Perspectives on human body

KATHMANDU: Nepali and German artists came together to explore various aspects of human body in the group sculpture exhibition ‘Relations’ at Mithila Yain Art Gallery, Thamel. Nepali artists BK Nar Bahadur, Dhan Bahadur Yakha, and German artist Peter Herget put their creations on display in the exhibition that started on January 17 and ended on January 23.

Each artist made six sculptures using stone, metal and other materials that focused on different aspects of human body. BK, for instance, focused on the beauty of human body by creating a muscular nude man body and curvy woman body using metal. Creating the realistic figures of men and women, the artist attempted to celebrate the beauty of human body through his works.

Yakha, however explored human figures in a more abstract form — he focused his works on the fact that world is complete only with the presence of men and women. He sculpted two bodies of them in one stone, which looked like a man’s torso from front but after scrutinising one could see that it’s the body of two humans.

However, Herget’s sculptures had surrealistic theme — he created deformed human figures. “Humans are changing and in today’s world there is more pollution and more diseases, which are the causes of physical deformity of humans. And I have anticipated this fact through my sculptures,” Herget stated.