Rhythm indeed for the soul

KATHMANDU: “It was an amazing show, especially the fusion of Flamenco and Kathak. I hadn’t thought it could be so beautiful and I found the fusion very interesting,” shared Lima Adhikari, a mother of two daughters from Golfutar, about the Kathak, Flamenco and their fusion performances that she witnessed in 2014.

It was a great show “I enjoyed tremendously” and she, accompanied by her eight-year-old youngest daughter Namami Acharya, was back for more on September 23 at the Army Officers’ Club, Sundhara for Rhythm and Soul 2016 — a Kathak and Flamenco Show.

In the fusion of eastern and western classical music, Kathak dancer Subima Shrestha and Flamenco dancer Maradee de Guzman showcased the similarities of the two dance forms with grace and poise.

It was the highlight of the show.

From spellbinding swirls to strong feet movements and enchanting hand movements to the beautiful striking sound produced by the ghunguroo and Flamenco shoes, they brought their dances on one level where they danced similar steps but in their respective forms. It was a treat to the eyes.

“I had to watch the fusion performance. And it was great, from the fusion of dance to music and the flow of it. I enjoyed a lot,” Adhikari shared after watching the performance. She likes to “learn and see art of different cultures” including Kathak and Flamenco.

This is why she took her two daughters to learn Flamenco at Sushila Arts Academy (SAA), which they are learning for the last four years as part of extra-curricular activities.

And they couldn’t miss this show for Acharya, who could have been a part of the show but missed out due to an eye problem.

Varied forms of rhythms resounded at the venue which touched the souls of the audience. It came alive in the elegant solo Kathak performance of Shrestha and her live musical ensemble, Guzman and her students’ Flamenco performances, tabala tribute to late tabala maestro Hom Nath Upadhyaya, among others.

Rhythm and Soul 2016, which was presented by SAA in association with Indian Cultural Centre, also witnessed other dances including Bharatanatyam. And it was a fund raising event for Tewa, a women’s fund.