Spirit of biking comes alive with renewed vigour


With the growing number of bike enthusiasts, few restaurants and cafés inside Kathmandu Valley have adopted a bike-themed setup to provide an appealing ambiance for bike enthusiasts. Genesis Café, operated by BikerzAus Nepal is among those few auto-themed restaurants taking inspiration from vintage and brand new motor bikes. Opened in 2016, Genesis showcases different bikes and accessories along with displayed photographs of legendary moments in the biking history.

Usually six motorbikes from solid vintage classics by Yamaha and Honda to brand new sport and touring motorbikes by Ducati and KTM are showcased in the restaurant. The bikes are changed frequently so the next time you decide to dine at Genesis Café you'll find another set of bikes on display. Restaurant Manager, Udaya Thapa says “We never have a fixed selection of bikes to display, we change it often so that our regular customers have something new to look at.”

Ateet Shrestha and Saujan Pradhan are the co-founders of Genesis. Shrestha worked in Australia as a chef for almost a decade and while there he formed a brotherhood of bikers. Pradhan explains, “With the aim of extending the brotherhood from Australia to Nepal, the name BikerzAus Nepal was introduced. Genesis is the face of this small biker's community.” He adds, “We wanted to make a place for bikers to come and share their love for bikes.”

Genesis, as they say, is their first project aimed to expand brotherhood of bikers. Pradhan says, “We want to expand our biking community.”

Being a café surrounded by motor bikes - of different kinds - it has been an ideal location for auto enthusiasts to hang out and talk about motor bikes. Genesis is a restaurant that attracts all kinds of customers with its unique theme and an array of food items to choose from. Pradhan says “This café is like no other but at the end of the day we are a restaurant so we don't target a particular age group or preference, we welcome everyone and try to give the best of our services.”

This bike-themed café is garnering much attention among bikers, young and old. The owners are a fine example of people who base their life's work on their passion, in this case, passion for bikes.