Stars of 2015

Hello babies,

A brand new year; new people, fresh fashion ideas and even more controversies ahead.

TGIF wraps up 2015 with a survey to determine who were the most hot and happening celebrities

Most Talked About

Prinsha Shrestha, Entrepreneur

The dethroning of Prinsha Shrestha as Miss Nepal Earth 2014, won her the crown for “The Most Talked About”celebrity in town. Despite all the controversies, she has been able to stand tall and survive in the industry.

She says, “I was hurt for a while. But I realised that I had and have been doing my part as a Miss Nepal. I represented my country at two international platforms. I am still a huge promoter of Miss Nepal. Also, my busy schedule these days doesn’t let me ‘worry’ about anything else.



Most Influential

Dayahang Rai, Actor

With his charisma and flawless acting skills the actor is loved by many. He is not your boy-next-door and in that is his charm. He is counted among the most influential actors in the country today, as per our survey.

This is what he has to say: “I think I’ve been chosen because of the characters I’ve played on screen. I am glad to be recognised for my work. The appreciation bestowed upon me by my audience pays off for all the effort I put into my work. I am happy to be the reason for their love for Nepali cinema today.”


Most Stylish

Aditi Budhathoki, Model

Model Aditi Budhathoki does not follow set rules, and has her own unique sense of fashion. According to our survey, her most appealing factor is that she carries every outfit with sophistication. Well, nobody disagrees that she elegantly carries off everything she wears.

Her fashion philosophy: “Style is not only limited to clothes. It’s about flaunting confidence and being comfortable in your own skin. This is definitely one of my style mantras.”



Most Popular Upcoming Artist

Rohit John Chettri, Singer

Bistarai bistarai, the singer has come a long way in the music industry. The vocalist of legendary band 1974 AD has also come up with his own album. The young musician is popular amongst the crowd for his amazing vocals and down-to-earth attitude.

He believes: “I have always been confident about my dreams and I work hard to achieve my goals. I’m glad that my work inspires people to reach out for their dreams.”