Lupi’s Himalayan Bistro, Lazimpat, is a relatively new outlet bringing you authentic dishes with origination in Tibet. You will find an essence of local Nepali flavour added to this old world cuisine. Benisha Hamal, our guest for the day, soaks in the beautiful paintings lined up on the wall as she walks by. Our host leads us to our table tucked away in a quiet corner of the restaurant. We sit down with an eager appetite and go through the menu which has a wide range of selections both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Benisha Hamal
Benisha Hamal
Veg. Tibetan dry noodlesVegetarian dry noodles Thick strands of noodles stir-fried with diced paneer, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and eggs. Benisha’s Verdict “The dish retains the freshness of the ingredients used. The  spices takes the dish to a whole different level.”     Cold noodles Cold noodles Spicy cold noodles made of white lapheng mixed with peanuts, soya sauce, apple cider vinegar and salt. Benisha’s Verdict “It’s my first time tasting this dish. It is sweet and sour with a tangy touch to it.”     chesse and friesCheese and fries A perfect combination of cheese and potato chips with garlic topping. Benisha’s Verdict “I love the combination of cheese and fries, when you take your first bite the flavour of garlic and cheese overwhelms your taste buds.”     DapauDapau Stuffed with paneer, spinach, potatoes and flavored with Tibetan herbs and spices, dapau stands out from the regular momo and fillings. Benisha’s Verdict: “It’s very soft, as soon as you take a bite the taste of onions, spinach, paneer and potatoes burst out. It is one aromatic dish.”     Banana splitBanana split Three different flavours of ice cream smoothly spread over the banana with a generous dose of fruity syrup. Benisha’s verdict: “I love desserts and banana split is my favourite. A perfect ending to a hearty meal.”