The hot BBQ!

BBQ Courtyard Restaurant and Bar, as the name indicates  is a hot spot for meat lovers!

Located in Jhamsikhel, it is spaciously built in a compound with a beautiful green garden and

elegant dining halls and a lounge to relax. You can try the chef’s special barbecue or even make your own. The restaurant definitely deserves a visit once. Here are few items from the menu that we suggest you try.

BBQ Dragon Roll

A unique combination of chicken mince, plain

omelet and tofu mince.

Alka’s Verdict: I often come here and the BBQ dragon roll is best-loved. All the ingridients gives it a soft and juicy taste.

Srijana’s Verdict : It’s one of my favourite items, not spicy and simply delicious!

Sonie’s Verdict: It’s very unique in style, soft and very chewy.

Fish and chips

For starters, fish and chips can be a good option. The fish is marinated in thick mustard paste mixed with lemon juice and coated with

bread crumbs.

Alka’s Verdict: It’s very crispy and the mustard gives it a rich flavour.

Srijana’s Verdict:I love the taste of lemon. It’s heavenly to find mustard and lemon juice in every bite.

Sonie’s Verdict : I am not much of a fish lover but I love the crispiness

of this one.


Grilled Pork Chop

Danish crown pork chop

marinated with mustard paste, olive oil, worcestershire sauce and fresh rosemary.


Alka’s Verdict: Pork is one of my favorites; I liked the sour tang flavour.

Srijana’s Verdict: The taste of mustard paste comes out very well, It tastes is bit sour due to the mustard paste.

Sonie’s Verdict: Sadly, I don’t eat pork. So can’t make comments!


Steamed Chicken Momo

It’s flavorsome soup makes steamed chicken momo

 distinct from the other regular momo. Spicy and tangy with creamy texture makes it worthy to eat!

Alka’s Verdict:Really! It’s got a distinctive taste from other momos I have tried so far. The soup is the winner.

Srijana’s Verdict: I love the spiciness in the soup; it’s my kind of flavour.

Sonie’s Verdict: Its unique combination of soya bean, tomato pickle, peanuts and coconut milk make it a special momo soup. I love the

creaminess of coconut milk.


Stuffed Chicken Breast

Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and mozzarella with an essence of rosemary  served with mushroom sauce.



Alka’s Verdict:The chicken is well cooked and the combination of spinach and mozzarella is superb.

Srijana’s Verdict: I love the stuffing; the mozarella makes it creamy and an absolute pleasure.

Sonie’s Verdict: Very appetising, meat is soft and just melts in your mouth and the mushroom sauce tastes simply divine.


Mustang Aloo

Prepared in traditional Nepali style made with potato wedges, chopped garlic, ghee, salt, chili flakes mustang  aloo is a great starter to start with. It gives you a light spicy taste.

Alka’s Verdict: I love the taste of garlic and chili in Mustang  Aloo.

Srijana’s Verdict:The taste of coriander comes out in every bite of mustang aloo, a bit saltier would make it better.

Sonie’s Verdict:Ingredients are typically from  a Nepali kitchen so can be cooked at home too. Light spicy and salty while eating.

What: BBQ Courtyard Restaurant and Bar

Where: Jhamsikhel

Find them on facebook: www.face