Tranquil Jatra doesn’t impress

Sneha Koirala

While passing-by the busy streets of Thamel, Jatra stands semi-hidden in JP Road, with its sign easily missed. Once you spot the sign, you enter the serene environment, almost unbelievable in this part of the city. The restaurant has an earthy appeal and its ambience has a beautiful touch of Nepali architecture.

We seated ourselves in the courtyard, and were promptly presented with the menu. The menu, however, was limited given the fuel shortage.

First we decided to go with a lemon tea and mint lemonade. Mint lemonade was average, it was too minty and sweet. Also, the sugar syrup was not mixed well. Once stirred, it was a decent drink, one that would get 2.5 stars out of five.

It was lemon tea that disappointed us. Basically when we see variety of hot beverages, especially tea, we expect it to be brewed in-house. The one we were served was with a tea bag and no lemon.

BBQ Chicken Satay was the first item in the ‘limited’ menu, and given our love for chicken, we decided to go for it. However, we were informed, the dish was not available. So, we chose Cheese Platter. It was not a delicious-looking dish, however, the assortment of cheese was delicious and the bread was fresh. With olives included, it was a decent platter.


Next item served to us was Honey Glazed Chicken with some potatoes and salad. The serving was good for one person and the presentation was pleasant. The chicken was well glazed in honey — you could feel honey’s sweetness blend with the meat. The potatoes were quite bland and did little to balance the sweetness served in the plate. The salad was fresh and crunchy.

Chicken Sandheko was one dish we were looking forward to. Being a very Nepali dish, it stood out. It had the right amount of spices and the chicken was soft, moist, and well marinated.

The last item we ordered was Jatra’s special Club Sandwich. It was rich and filling. Though not the best sandwich I have had, it was a good one. The assortment of meat and salad was good.

Jatra did amaze us with its ambience and fairly quick service. I was unprepared for the repose the place held in itself. The mild lightings accentuated with candles made it a perfect place for romantic hearts and easily kept you adrift from the hustle-bustle of crowd. It even has a bar, for those who want to enjoy a drink.

If you are looking for a place to hang out and enjoy that tranquility Kathmandu is known for, along with some friendly smiles and prompt service, Jatra is a place to go. However, if it is meticulous food that appeals to you, then there are lots of other places to go to.


Ambience: 3.5

Food quality: 3

Presentation: 3

Hygiene: 3

Value for money: 3

Overall satisfaction

value: 3