Words from the wanderers

Travel & Lifestyle talks to some frequent travellers who suggest the best places to travel this festive season:

Bask on the beach

A jewellery designer by profession, Dolly Gurung Yakthumba, says that she travels to Thailand, her favourite travel destination, almost every year. This Dashain she is

travelling to Koh Samui with her family.

5 things to do at Koh Samui…

  • Go for scuba diving and snorkeling.
  • Visit the Mu Ko Ang thong National Marine Park
  • Visit the Big Buddha Temple.
  • Walk along the Lamai Beach.
  • Go to Namuang Waterfall.

Wallet check….

It depends on your budget but on average I would suggest Rs 1,00,000 per person.

Which hotel would you suggest in Koh Samui?

Any good bungalow close to the beach would be great accommodation. But I would prefer Peace Resort because they have the best spa and bungalows facing the beach. Also, they have the best


Some must buys...

I love their silver and stones, silk and cotton, handloom fabrics and bags and home décor.

Tips while travelling to Thailand…

You need to be really careful while shopping in weekend markets or anywhere in a crowd. You can get robbed.

The avid traveller

Bhola Bikram Thapa, President of President Group of Companies, travels out of the country three to four times a year. This time he will be visiting Boracay Island in the


Why Boracay Island?

It’s a beautiful island that Nepalis would want to explore. You get good accommodation, food and can go island hopping at a very reasonable price. Also, you can easily get visa on arrival.

5 Things you must try

  • Island Hopping Scuba Diving
  • Parasailing
  • Fly Fish
  • Cliff Diving

Which hotel would you suggest?

Alta Vista De Boracay, as the rates are reasonable.

Tips while travelling to Philippines

  • Travel light. Carry light clothing especially if you’re visi ing in summer.
  • If you’re planning to carry some electronic gadgets, make sure you carry a converter with you as they use 220V of electricity in the Philippines.

How much cash should one carry while travelling to the Philippines?

USD 2,500 will be enough for shopping or going anywhere you want on the island.

Banking on Nepal

Although Anil Shah is not travelling this festive season, he shares that if he were to travel he’d prefer to take a trip within Nepal. For the CEO of Mega Bank not enjoying the beauty of Nepal would be a crime.

What is on your wish list?

My choice would be the Mallaj Majphnat, Parbat. I would want to witness the festive

celebrations in the hills within small


5 things to do in Mallaj, Parbat…

  • Day treks walking along serene mountain paths.
  • Mallaj village tour.
  • Lunch or high tea in the midst of the forest in the hills around Mallaj.
  • Relaxing with a book in the Heritage grounds.
  • Evenings by fire enjoying scrumptious snacks and dinner made in the wood fire oven.

Which hotel would you suggest and how much money should one carry?

Heritage at Mallaj, has an amazingly tranquil environment, good rooms, yummy food and the place is carved out of a fairytale. Since the Heritage at Mallaj offers full board fares, you require only a few thousands in your pocket for incidental expenditures.