Photo Gallery: Bunga Dyah (Rato Machhindranath) Jatra carried out amid COVID-19 lockdown


The Bunga Dyah Jatra or the Rato Machhindranath chariot procession was carried out amid high security during pandemic lockdown in the valley on Sunday.

People were present in hundreds to pull the chariot and to perform other rituals giving continuity to the age-old traditions. As locals and security personnel had clashed owing to confusion over management of the procession, it was ensured that the event was carried out swiftly, without any disturbance.

In the past years, the jatra was celebrated with much fervour. However, due to the current health crisis that has grappled the entire world, the festivities of the valley have been muted.

Naresh Shrestha and Skanda Gautam bring pictures to you from the event.