10 civilians, 2 RNA men hurt in blast

Biratnagar, February 3:

Ten civilians were injured when a bomb planted by the Maoists went off at Lohandra bridge this morning.

Two security personnel were also injured in the incident. The Maoists had blocked the Hulaki Highway for over 10 hours today after planting 14 powerful bombs on the bridge.

Manoj Kumar Rajbanshi, a local, was seriously injured in the blast, police said.

Other injured persons are: Manoj Mahato, Kapil Mahato, Mantu Mahato, Shankar Sharma, Nirmal Shrestha, Binod Kumar Shah, Laxman Mahato, Shreepad Mahato and Chandra Singh.

Two Royal Nepalese Army personnel were also injured while trying to defuse the bombs.

An RNA squad from Itahari had succeeded in diffusing 13 of the 14 bombs.

The Maoists also planted a bomb on a rural road section at Pidarmani of Sidraha VDC this morning. The security forces managed to diffuse that bomb as well.