10 Panchthar VDC secys return to workplaces from headquarters

PANCHTHAR: Ten Village Development Committee (VDC) secretaries of Panchthar district who had earlier left their respective workplaces citing security reasons have returned to work.

They said that they returned to work at the offices of 10 VDCs in northern area of the district hoping that their security would be ensured following the establishment of the Area Administration Office in Rabi village.

Many VDC secretaries in the district were displaced and living in the district headquarters Phidim during the Maoist's insurgency, citing security reasons.

Even years after the insurgency ended, they were staying back from returning to their respective workplaces under different pretexts.

With the return of the secretaries, local people would get government services like recommendation for citizenship cards, passports and essential documents in a relatively easy manner.

Earlier, the locals had to take hours to reach the places where the service providers would stay for such services.