As many as 121 persons have died while 28 are missing in various disaster incidents till date since October 18, the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

As per the information provided by National Emergency Operations Centre, a total 44 people have been injured and 179 houses have been damaged due to such incidents throughout the country.

The loss of life and property occurred due to the disasters triggered by the incessant rains that occurred between October 17 and October 20.

The precipitation was caused by the combined influence of two weather systems that developed a week after the exit of the monsoon.

The eastern and far-western regions of the country were badly affected by the torrential rains.

The highest number of casualties was reported on October 20 with 63 people killed and 19 missing on that day.

Meanwhile 29 persons died on October 21 and 13 persons on October 22.

The Ministry shared that search is ongoing for the missing people while shelters are being managed for those displaced due to the same.