13-point declaration for journos' safety and code of conduct

ITAHARI: A 13-point declaration on journalist's safety and code of conduct was released as an outcome of an interaction on the topic.

The interaction was jointly organised by Press Council Nepal (PCN) and Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) and co-organised by FNJ Sunsari Chapter.

The gathering of working journalists of the eastern region held in Itahari made further amendments to the code of conduct issued by the FNJ and Council and stressed the need for journalists to work as a responsible actor in society.

The declaration calls for the journalists to mend their conducts and working style being responsible to the Nepali people.

The outcome document has underlined the urgency of addressing the demands of Madhes and called for the government to play a facilitating role to manage conflict in the region.

The gathering has also pointed the need of a cleansing campaign in a way to make journalists more responsible towards their role and urged the media houses concerned to give due space to the news of agitating region.

Other points mentioned in the declaration include compliance of code of conduct by media house, guaranteeing minimum wage to working journalists and ensuring transparent process while granting press representative ID card by the Department of Information.