16 Dolpa government offices without chiefs after festivals

DOLPA: A total of 16 government offices in Dolpa district are currently without chiefs.

Many office chiefs and employees, who had gone home to celebrate festivals like Dashain and Tihar are yet to report to work even two days after the festivals finished, thus affecting service delivery, service seekers said.

Those offices without chiefs include the District Development Committee, the District Agricultural Development Office, the District Land Revenue Office, the District Survey Office, the District Education Office, the District Public Health Office, the District Election Office, the Water Induced Disaster Prevention Division Office, the District Irrigation Office, the District Livestock Office, the District Ayurvedic Office, the District Post Office and the District Women Development Office among others.

As a result, service seekers have been deprived of government services without office chiefs and employees to work, said Civil Society Chairman Sher Bahadur Buda.

Despite instructions by the concerned ministries and the regional offices after the problem was taken to Hello Sarkar, a hotline at the Prime Minister's Office to listen to people's grievances, the absentee government employees are yet to return to work, he said.