Pokhara, May 12 More than 1,700 election officials have reached their respective polling centres along with necessary logistics in Kaski. As many as 1,723 state employees reached five local levels of Kaski yesterday with ballot papers, ballot boxes, index forms and other election related logistics for the first phase of local polls to be held on May 14. At least five staffers have been mobilised in the polling centre with less than 500 voters and six staffers in the centre having more than 500 voters. “All staff reached their respective stations and held an all-party meeting to discuss preparations for polls,” said Regional Election Officer Ganga Lal Subedi. There will be one election officer, two assistant election officers, two assistant staff and the same number of helpers in the centres having more than 500 voters while there will be one helper in the polling centres with less than 500 voters. There are 288 polling centres in Kaski and six officials each have been mobilised in 286 polling centres and five officials in the remaining two centres. There are 210 polling centres in Pokhara metropolis and 21 each in Madi, Annapurna and Machhapuchchhre rural municipalities. Rupa Rural Municipality has only 15 polling centres. A total of 1,258 officials will be mobilised in Pokhara Lekhnath metropolis and 126 each in Annapurna and Machhapuchchhre rural municipalities, 123 in Madi and 90 in Rupa municipalities respectively. A mayor, deputy mayor, four rural municipality chairpersons, 72 ward chairpersons, 144 ward members, 72 women members and 72 dalit women members will be elected in the local levels of Kaski. Similarly, 11 members, including candidates from Dalit and marginalised communities, will be nominated in municipal and rural assembly of the district.