18 community schools shut in Tanahun

DAMAULI, August 6

As many as 18 community schools have been closed in Tanahun due to lack of students.

It is said that 13 schools had been shut in the last academic session, while five schools were shut this academic session.

According to a source at District Education Office, Shiva Primary School of Satiswara VDC, Bal Jyoti Primary of Rupakot, Laxmi Primary School of Jamune, Bhagawati Primary and Mahadev Primary of Tanahunsur and Bal Primary of Manpang Kot, Kalika Primary of Ghanshikuwa, Bal Kanya Primary of Bandipur, Pokhari Bhanjyang Primary of Majhakot, Ganesh Primary and Janajagriti Primary of Mirlung, Pragati Sadan Primary of Barbhanjyang and Buddha Dahal Primary of Byas Municipality were shut in the last academic session.

The DEO source further added that Bidhya Jyoti Primary of Rupakot VDC, Kalika Primary of Chowkchisapani, Sher Primary and Madan Aashrit Primary of Kotdarbar and Durga Bhawani of Keshabtar have been shut this academic session.

Meanwhile, District Education Officer Bishnu Prasad Adhikari said that teaching-learning activities could not resume in the schools after students did not take admission in this academic session.

“The teachers of these schools, have been sent to nearby schools,” he informed.

It is said that the number of student in community schools went down as they were more attracted to English medium schools.

Assistant District Education Officer Baburam Devkota said his office has been preparing a strategic plan to start English-based education in the closed schools.