2 women of single family murdered in Morang

KATHMANDU: An unidentified gang on Friday afternoon killed two women of a single family in Katahari village of Morang district.

The 45-year old Deepa Danga and her 22-year-old daughter-in-law Asmita were found murdered at their home at around 4 pm today.

"A domestic worker employed by the Danga family had found them dead as she reached home from an errand," SP Sandeep Bhandari, Chief of the District Police Office told THT Online.

There was no one except the two women when the assailants entered the building, according to police.

"We have expedited the investigation while keeping in mind various suspects," he said, "We will soon conclude the investigation and reveal the findings."

A confident Bhandari said, "The murderers will be identified and brought to book."