BAJURA: Various programmes are being organised to mark the Children's Day across the nation on Tuesday. However, 21 children of Rugin and Badhu villages of Bajura district are left stranded at a child’s home in a village in Rupandehi district. Rajan Bhudhathoki of the locality had taken the children from their parents promising good education. He had also taken Rs 100,000 from each, informed one of the guardians of the victims, Nandan Bahadur Bhandari. Bhandari further said they had sent additional Rs 60,000 to the home operator Krishna Maya Gurung, after Gurung claimed that she did not receive any money from Budhathoki. The parents are blaming Bhudhathoki for misusing the money, they had given to him. Earlier, with the surge of children trafficking after the massive April 25 earthquake, the government had directed all the VDCs and districts to stop recommending children to send to orphanages. However, the District Child Welfare Board informed that many children are taken to the different destinations without getting consent from the Board. According to Chief District Officer, Dhan Prasad Paudel, strong action will be taken against all those who are involved in child trafficking and running the children’s home violating rules.