2,400 ropani land barren in Lamjung

Lamjung, July 21

A year after the devastating earthquakes damaged the Hadetar Irrigation Project, the project is yet to be repaired, and local farmers at Sundar Bazaar Municipality, Lamjung have had to bear the brunt.

Farmers said that continuous rainfall had added to the damage to the project. Consumers’ Committee Chairman Subash Kumar Shrestha said that it was very difficult to operate the project as the channel had several cracks.

Locals at Sundar Bazaar, Parewadanda, Hadetar, Rupakot, Tarku and other places said their fields had become barren without proper irrigation.

Over 2,400 ropani cultivable land has been rendered barren and in disuse. Farmers said that production this year was likely to fall by 90 per cent.

Farmers accused the consumers’ committee of disregarding the issue.

They further added that they had complained to the concerned authority numerous times, but nothing had come of it yet.